I'm Mark Deanil Vicente.
Photographer, Graphic Artist, Web Developer/Designer, Corporate Programmer, Blogger & Tech Enthusiast



Hi! I'm Mark Deanil G. Vicente but you can call me Deanil as my nickname. I'm graduated college at Polytechnic University of the Philippines Taguig Branch as an Information Communication Management Technology student last April 30, 2015.

My Biography

I was born on April 28, 1995 so now I'm 20 years old. I am the youngest son of Nora Vicente and Diosdado Vicente. We are four children in our family. I have one older brother and 2 older sister. My brother's name is Diostony Vicente, my sister's name is Donalin Vicente and the oldest among us is my sister Sherry Vicente. My brother Diostony and Donalin graduated in their fields of study. My town province is in Siniloan Laguna where I've studied my elementary and high school. Back there, I've learned how to be responsible and independent in all my works.

About me

My goal is to reach and achieve my dreams. I know God will always be with me no matter what comes on my way. Since I became a Christian(way back 2010), God teaching me how to be resposible and honest in different way. At first, it is hard, but as the way I pray for it to change, He let me changed the way that I was thinking before. Before, I have no dreams and plans in my life. But thank God! He give me provision for my dreams. Jeremiah 29:11 says, "For I know the plans I have for your, says the Lord, "Plans to prosper your and not to harm you, Plans to give your hope and future". Even though sometimes, we can't understand what we're facing, I believe someday we will realize why its happened. God is teaching us to be completely rely on Him in our lives. God bless and Cheers!

My Interest

I have lots of interest. Since I was a child, I love music, arts and sports. In music, I use to play guitar(rhythm, base guitar and lead guitar), keyboard/piano and drums. I was a part of the music ministry in our Church before. I also formed multiple of bands in my high school days. Christian music is my most favorite music. In arts, I used to express my ideas and imaginations in painting and drawing. When I was high school, I won medal in poster making contest in one event on our school. Then, our school chosen me to represent our school in painting contest on division category in our region. Even though I've lost, It was a great priveleged to be their representative on that time. And In sports, I used to play different sports like basketball, soccer, but my most favorite sports is badminton. In those sports, I've learned how to be in a team and how teamwork makes an impact.

My Professional Skills & Hobbies

Since I've learned a lot of things in my college life, mainly those professional skills in the fields of my study.

  • Web Developing and Programming(PHP, Basic Laravel 5 in Ubuntu, MySQL, JQuery/JS, HTML,CSS, Bootstrap etc.)
  • Photography
  • Photo Manipulation using Adobe Photoshop with Plug-ins
  • Videography
  • Multimedia Arts(Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas)
  • Programming(C# & .NET)
  • PC and Network Troubleshooting
  • ETC.

My hobbies are studying more about the web, editing some photo, doing some Time Lapse video clip, photography, reading news and blogs about current trends and issues, creating inpirational blog/post, playing instruments, basketball, playing video/computer games(most I.T have their favorite games) and much more. Actually, I spend a lot of times and efforts in front of my laptop.

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"Never stop on dreaming for if its the will of GOD, then it will happen"





You can contact me 24/7. You can text, call or email me. I am glad if you send me your message. God bless and thank you! Cheers!